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While our home office is in Cedar Rapids, we have decades of experience fighting for clients’ rights in Marshalltown and throughout Eastern Iowa. Attorneys at Rush & Nicholson are often asked to represent injured workers and disabled people from Central Iowa including the Marshalltown metro area and surrounding communities like Tama and Toledo.

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Employer hit with a large penalty

Dale Till, claimant, filed a petition in arbitration seeking workers’ compensation benefits from Windstar Lines, Inc., employer and National Interstate Insurance Company, insurance carrier as defendants. Mr. Till is entitled to 150 weeks of permanent partial disability benefits.
Marshalltown, March 2021

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Rush & Nicholson is on your side. When you’re looking for Lawyers in Marshalltown, it’s beneficial to have a team that is experienced working in the area. Our team knows the Marshalltown area from working on local cases for many years. We’ll help you win your case and get the results you deserve.

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