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  • man hurt knee on worksite near ladder

    How Do Pre-Existing Injuries Impact Workers’ Disability Claims In Iowa?

    Although the median number of missed workdays due to occupational injuries was eight in 2015, many employees find that their injury keeps them from working for much longer. That may…

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  • person with a cast using a laptop

    A Beginner’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Iowa

    If you have been hurt while on the job, this may be a painful and overwhelming time for you. There are so many things to comprehend, rules to follow, and…

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  • woman massaging neck against a wall

    I’ve Suffered A Shoulder Injury On The Job. Now What?

    Shoulder injuries can be incredibly painful. Due to continuous use, the shoulder joint is also especially prone to work-related injuries. Common work-related incidents resulting in shoulder injuries include traumatic events…

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