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While our home office is in Cedar Rapids, we have decades of experience fighting for clients’ rights in Iowa City and throughout Eastern Iowa. Attorneys at Rush & Nicholson are often asked to represent injured workers and disabled people in the Iowa City metro area and surrounding communities like North Liberty and Washington.

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Denied hip claim awarded and affirmed on appeal

The claimant sustained a work-related injury to her right hip, including a labral tear, in addition to the stipulated back injury. As such, it’s found that the claimant is entitled to payment by defendants for all medical expenses related to the hip injury. It’s also found that the claimant is entitled to receive temporary total disability benefits while she was off work following her surgery.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, March 2021

UIHC Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers filed a law suit against the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, alleging they aren’t being paid on time for extra work. The plaintiffs hoped to have the case recognized as a class action, and say there are thousands of potential members who also not being paid in a timely fashion. Attorney Nate Willems represented the workers.

Iowa City, February 2018

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Rush & Nicholson is on your side. In addition to local knowledge and experience of serving Iowa City, our team of specialized attorneys are experts in workers compensation, personal injury, social security disability, and employment laws in Iowa. We’ll can help you win your case and get the results you deserve.

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