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We have been serving the people of Cedar Rapids for over 25 years. From Workers Compensation to Personal Injury, our team of experienced attorneys are here to help people in and around Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Our building is located in Cedar Rapids, though in light of the current public health situation, Rush & Nicholson is not accepting walk-in visits. All client communication and meetings will be by phone and/or email until at least April 30.

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Recent Cases

Client wins cumulative trauma claim

Client sustained an injury to her knee based on cumulative or repetitive trauma. The Discovery Rule was used to toll the running of the statute of limitations and notice provisions. Butz v. Frontier Natural Products. File No. 5024797 (March 25, 2010). The Iowa Court of Appeals affirmed the decision.
Cedar Rapids, March 2023

Man reaches $315,000 settlement for PTSD

Man reaches a settlement against local school district after being diagnosed with PTSD, following lifesaving rescue of student. The claimant won at an arbitration hearing and on appeal before the work comp agency.

Cedar Rapids, March 2023

Woman reaches $50,000 settlement after being struck by falling merchandise at local store

A woman reached a $50,000 settlement with a local retailer for injuries to her hip after she was struck by falling merchandise while shopping.

Cedar Rapids, September 2022

$140,000 settlement reached in semi-car crash

A 36 year-old man settled his case against the trucking company for $140,000 after suffering shoulder injuries when a semi crashed into the pickup truck in which he was a passenger.

Cedar Rapids, January 2023

Denied hip claim awarded and affirmed on appeal

The claimant sustained a work-related injury to her right hip, including a labral tear, in addition to the stipulated back injury. As such, it’s found that the claimant is entitled to payment by defendants for all medical expenses related to the hip injury. It’s also found that the claimant is entitled to receive temporary total disability benefits while she was off work following her surgery.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, March 2021

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