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While our home office is in Cedar Rapids, we have decades of experience fighting for clients’ rights in Waterloo and throughout Eastern Iowa. Attorney Gary Nelson is often asked to represent injured workers and disabled people from Northern Iowa including the Waterloo/Cedar Falls metro area and surrounding communities like Evansdale or Waverly.

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Recent Cases

Waterloo City worker awarded 175 weeks of comp

A worker for the City of Waterloo was struck by a track hoe. The City denied liability for some of the injuries. following Arbitration the City was ordered to accept all injuries, pay all medical, allow the client to direct medical care, and pay 175 weeks of permanency.
Waterloo, March 2023

$1,050,000 car accident wrongful death settlement

The family of a rural Iowa man killed after a garbage truck collided with his pickup truck received a $1,050,000 settlement for claims against the waste disposal company and under insured motorist carrier.

Waterloo, December 2022

Waterloo School District

Graciela de Maldonado, claimant, filed a petition in arbitration seeking workers’ compensation benefits from Waterloo Community School District, employer and United Wisconsin Insurance Company, insurance carrier as defendants. The case resulted in Waterloo School District being ordered to pay weekly benefits and additional medical treatment.

Waterloo, March 2021

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Rush & Nicholson is on your side. In addition to local knowledge and experience of serving Waterloo, our team of specialized attorneys are experts in workers compensation, personal injury, social security disability, and employment laws in Iowa. We’ll can help you win your case and get the results you deserve.

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