UIHC Workers File Suit

university of iowa hospital employees leaving building on valentines day September 19, 2019 Sep 19 2019

Nate Willems once again puts workers’ rights first. University of Iowa Hospital employees wanted to file a lawsuit against their employer for delaying overtime pay.

Some UIHC employees reported receiving payments nearly two months after their overtime work. The lawsuit calls for an end to delaying overtime payments.

“The people being paid late is wrong. You need to follow the law. The money has more valuable to people when it is paid to them on time, and not a month or two months later. We don’t believe that the university’s practice complies with the law. The university obviously believes that it does. But what we’re describing is a feature and not a bug of the way the university pays their, the UIHC pays their employees” – Nate Willems


“We’re not alleging that people have shorted wages, but we are alleging that there’s been a plan in place for years and it just simply does not comply with either state or federal law. In any wage case, one common practice applied every month for years over a thousand employees, amounts to real, tangible detriment to workers when their wages are withheld.” – Nate Willems



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