• Rear-end collision results in $90,000 settlement.

    A Benton County woman rear-ended while turning into her driveway suffered neck and back injuries. Result: $90,000 settlement.

  • $700,000 settlement achieved in UTV crash case

    A Black Hawk county woman suffered serious head injuries after she was  struck by a telehandler forklift while driving a UTV.  Result: $700,000 settlement.


  • Security Deposit Refunded From Unfair Landlord

    A couple abided by the rental contract and even personally improved the property (with the landlord’s approval). The landlord ignored his side of the contract regarding the return of their security deposit, and we helped them navigate through the process of legally claiming their deposit.

  • Cedar Rapids woman awarded more than $84,000 plus medical costs after hearing

    A Cedar Rapids woman was awarded more than $84,000, and her medical costs, for a serious neck injury after trial before the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

  • $400,000 settlement in car vs. pedestrian uninsured motorist insurance claim

    A man reached a $400,000 settlement in his claim against his own auto insurance following severe injuries after he was struck by an uninsured driver while walking along the side of the road.

  • $480,000 settlement in bicycle crash case

    A 32 year old man was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. After extensive treatment and time off work, a $480,000 settlement was reached.

  • $750,000 settlement for truck driver after rear-end collision

    A truck driver obtained a $750,000 settlement after suffering serious injuries in a rear-end car accident.

  • $300,000 settlement for Cedar Rapids motorcycle crash

    A Cedar Rapids couple each obtained $150,000, for a combined settlement of $300,000, after sustaining facial and shoulder injuries in a motorcycle crash caused by another driver’s failure to yield the right of way.

  • Waterloo City worker awarded 175 weeks of comp

    A worker for the City of Waterloo was struck by a track hoe. The City denied liability for some of the injuries. following Arbitration the City was ordered to accept all injuries, pay all medical, allow the client to direct medical care, and pay 175 weeks of permanency.

  • Man awarded new recliner

    Client, who had significant low back and hip injury, sits and sleeps in his recliner more than 20 hours per day. The employer denied liability for paying for new recliner. Agency awarded new recliner.